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Introducing WOX

HERBL Brands
Award-winning genetics grown responsibly in Humboldt County and extracted by an expert team of technicians to create a pure, flavor-packed product.

About WOX

How Humboldt gets high!

Since our humble beginnings in 2018, WOX EXTRACTS has been focused on creating only the cleanest, most robust and flavorful live resins made from fresh frozen sun-grown cannabis.

Located in the Heart of Humboldt County, WOX has been meticulously making small-batch, single strain live resin with the simple philosophy of “Quality over Quantity”.

Our team of specially qualified technicians create our extracts with expertise and know-how that only comes from years of experience and knowledge of what makes the best products.

Live Resin

Wox Live Resin is created with a solvent-based extraction method, using fresh frozen cannabis flower.  Live resin got its name because at the time of harvest, the cannabis is cut and flash frozen within minutes to retain all the cannabinoids, terpenes and all the subtle characteristics of each strain… frozen alive!

The flower stays in that frozen state until the moment it is loaded into the extraction system, where all the unwanted plant-matter, fats & lipids, and any other impurities are separated from the cannabinoids and terpenes.  This is why LIVE RESIN tastes so good compared to products that use cured plant material, the cured material has lost most of the subtle terpenes and flavors through evaporation.

WOX Live Resin brings the terps hard!



We use full spectrum, fresh frozen live resin terpenes mixed with 100% pure cannabis oil to create our Wox Sauce Carts.

No additives or thickeners are ever added to our carts. Enjoy the same WOX flavors you love in our dabs, but ready to use in these high quality cartridges. 

100% cannabis derived terpenes.


WOX EXTRACTS specializes in making spectacular products from fresh frozen cannabis. All of our releases are made from single strain small batches of wonderful cannabis. Our product line consists of live resin and cartridges.