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Introducing MR. ZIPS

HERBL Brands
YOUR NEW PLUG - MR. ZIPS flower is for everyday use and to share with friends.


Back when everyone had their plug, MR. ZIPS was a favorite supplier. Grown in our mixed light greenhouses, always potent and delicious, MR. ZIPS flower offers unrivaled value. Now we’re bringing that same high-grade bud straight to you.

ZIPS is your new plug.


Single Source: all MR. ZIPS flower comes from Headwaters Cultivation which drives freshness and consistent quality.

Learn more about MR. ZIPS strains and genetics here.


Powered by Headwaters, MR. ZIPS brings to the customer the highest quality, most affordable flower available on the market.

With roots dating back over a decade to a primitive farm in Humboldt (back when everyone had their “plug”), Headwaters was a key supplier behind the scenes. You know that dank kush that your plug always had? Headwaters very likely was the plug for your plug, and is still the plug today for many brands in California.


"The HERBL team has built a best-in-class distribution operation, from the infrastructure to the talent, which Headwaters is ready to plug into with our MR. ZIPS brand."

- Tristan Strauss, CEO and Co-Founder of Headwaters


Consistent availability, unwavering quality, unbeatable prices. Look no further—MR. ZIPS is committed to being the trusted plug for you and your friends.