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Introducing Kinda High

HERBL Brands

Mood Based Cannabis

B&R Labs, the creator of Kinda High and Cosmic Fog Cannabis Co., is a fully integrated cannabis manufacturer located in Long Beach, California. We pride ourselves on ensuring we touch every aspect of our products from thoroughly vetting single-source cannabis to final extraction and packaging. Our promise to every one of our customers is to continue to innovate and bring unique products to market while never forgetting our core values of Quality, Safety and Service.

We’re not about pseudoscience and half-truths. Health fads make our eyes roll. So, when we set out to develop Kinda High, we wanted something simple, effective, and backed by real science. Perfecting the cannabis experience has been our mission from day one.

We challenged some of the top scientists and doctors who have made it their life’s mission to explore and discover all of the essential compounds necessary and deliver them to you in their most optimal balance of terpenes and cannabinoids. All you have to do is Choose Your Mood™.


Different Like You

For us, creating the perfect cannabis blend is more than just combining great ingredients—it’s working with companies that care as much about their supply chain as we do. We’ve worked tirelessly to find the right partners worldwide with the ingredients that meet our standards. At Kinda High, true transparency isn’t just something printed on a label.

Stewardship, Compliance & Best Practices

We care so much about what we put in and on our bodies, but when it comes to CBD & THC products, we still rely on blind faith. Too often, companies make their process and formulations intentionally confusing to keep their customers from knowing what’s really going on. We’re proud of the product we’ve put together with no unnecessary ingredients. So go ahead and look under the hood—we want you to.

The team at Kinda High is committed to bringing the best practices to the modern day cannabis industry. Leveraging our decades of experience in consumer product manufacturing we’ve applied our core values into bringing our customers a transparent,natural and safe experience.

In memory of Brant
Be Like Brant

Kinda High was founded by two long-time friends named Brant and Rob. Days after starting the Kinda High project, Brant was diagnosed with Stage 4 Brain Cancer. Never one to quit, Brant embarked on an aggressive and cutting edge cannabis treatment program which was designed by the Kinda High extraction team. Before passing, Brant stated to his friends and family that he wanted to bring the cannabis treatment program to as many patients as possible. 

Kinda High does NOT cure cancer but the possibilities being discovered in cannabis every day propel us forward on this mission. Kinda High is committed to raising awareness and helping those less fortunate by running fundraisers and creating product scholarship programs for medical patients who may not be able to afford this medicine. Brant was committed to surviving and helping as many people as possible. Be Like Brant.

HERBL combines the highest level of service with only the best of the best in product offerings and it is an absolute honor to now be counted among them.

- Robert Crossley, Founder & CEO, Cosmic Fog & Kinda High

Kinda High

Welcome to your new mood! Kinda High was painstakingly developed by our team of neuroscientists who have devoted their lives to unlocking the benefits of cannabis. Using their advanced data, our team created proprietary blends with optimized ratios of minor cannabinoids and terpenes to promote your adhanced mood. Every mood features lower than average amounts of 9-thc allowing you to enjoy your new mood while just staying KINDA HIGH.