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Introducing EXTRAX

HERBL Brands

We take the highest quality, high terpene extract coming from fresh frozen and combine that with high potency THC oil. The live resin high terpene extract dictates the effects of your Extrax experience and the added THC gives it a proper punch you deserve. Think of it this way… the THC is the car and the live resin high terpene extract is the driver. We pride ourselves on using a proprietary blend of the highest quality live resin and cannabis oil to ensure consistency and a high that always delivers.

Extrax premium cannabis products are made with the highest quality ingredients we could find. All of our products are enriched with premium live resin and come in popular strains for everyone to enjoy.

The Products

Our modern, sleek disposable is designed with the user in mind and is completely proprietary. Our disposable device includes a button for improved draw activation and is a full 1 gram. 

Our cartridges come equipped with a premium durable ceramic coil to experience quality flavor and taste. All are cartridges and are 510 threaded and will work with almost any battery.

"Entering the cannabis industry it was clear to us early on that HERBL is an industry leader with some of the highest standards. We're beyond excited for this partnership and to build along side them."

- Chris Wheeler, CEO of Extrax


At Extrax Cannabis, we strive to be industry leaders in cannabis products by providing superior, consumer-centered and cost effective products that are third-party lab-tested with quality assurance, consistency, and traceability.