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Introducing Dear Cannabis;

Cannabis Culture
Open source network of cannabis companies driving a global movement to produce compassion products for patients in need.

When we are facing our biggest battles and most difficult times, cannabis medicine is more than the precious relief it brings. In our trying moments, cannabis is hope. Dear Cannabis; was founded by Melissa Burgstahler whose mother turned to cannabis during her fight with breast cancer. Their logo, seen above, is taken from a journal entry her mother wrote as she navigated her cancer journey – it represents the story of every person who has access to the cannabis they need thanks to our generous community and the legacy the Dear Cannabis; team is building. 

The Dear Cannabis; network unifies the cannabis supply chain, utilizing their partner’s unique licenses and expertise to collaborate on and gift products (Full Spectrum Concentrated Cannabis Oil, Tinctures, Pre-rolls, etc.) to medical marijuana card holders within the State. They do this by coordinating the procurement and distribution of gift-in-kind product donations from cultivators, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers and to organizations providing free products to people in need. 

With the 5 year limitation of SB 34, they want to make a measurable imprint that defines the need for a long term legislative solution to establishing and maintaining cannabis compassion programs across the nation. With the help of legacy operators/advocates, their licensed cannabis partners, and the medical marijuana community, the Dear Cannabis; team believes they can make compassion a priority in the cannabis industry again.

In the past, HERBL has supported Dear Cannabis; by getting medicine to existing compassion programs in need across the state when we had no inventory to send them. HERBL has supported the following shops: Perfect Union Group, AHHS (North Hollywood), Kannabis Works, The Sanctuary, Planet 8ths, Pineapple Express, The People’s Remedy, California Street Co., & Eaze.

These shops support groups like Weed for Warriors, Veteran’s Walk and Talk, Veteran’s Cannabis Coalition, A Future For Vets, Compassionate Healing, and countless other medical patients and programs throughout California getting medicine to hundreds of people.

Stay tuned to learn more about HERBL’s official first official collaboration with Dear Cannabis; as well as a heartfelt interview in celebration of Mother’s Day with the founders and supporters who have lost their mothers to cancer.

Dear Cannabis;

“The legacy of cannabis is rooted in community and healing. We believe together, we can make cannabis medicine accessible for those who need it the most yet can afford it the least. By doing so, we honor those who have given so much to make cannabis legal.”