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Introducing Cosmic Fog

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About Cosmic Fog

Cosmic Fog has been delivering innovative and delicious experiences across the world since 2013. Our team of toxicologists and food scientists created tantalizing blends of terpenes that have been thoroughly studied and analyzed to mimic our world-renowned flavors. High strength extracts, high powered batteries and terpene profiles unlike any you have experienced before. Our all in one easy to use system blends convenience and power in one sleek easy-to-use package.

The Story

Cosmic Fog was founded in sunny southern California in 2013 with the vision and dream of crafting the world’s best flavors in the emerging vapor space. Cosmic Fog quickly became the largest American vapor brand in the world as well as one of the largest manufacturers of vaping products for the entire industry.

In 2018 we began our journey of bringing our world-renowned flavors, technology, quality, and safety standards to cannabis. From our previous experience, we knew we needed to control as much of the process as possible. That is why we made it our mission to thoroughly vet single-sourced cannabis while performing our own processing, distillation, filling, and packing in-house.

The Product

Rechargeable & Disposable Vape Pens

After quality and safety, we truly believe flavor is the most important aspect of any vapor product. We worked exclusively with a team of toxicologists and food scientists to find blends of terpenes that have been thoroughly studied and analyzed to mimic our world-renowned vape flavors and bring them to the cannabis space. For the first time, cannabis users will get to experience vaporized cannabis in a wide variety of gourmet flavors such as Milk & Honey and Apple Butter and many, many more. Of course, we didn’t forget nature’s best gift of the cannabis plant itself. After years of testing, we also developed phenomenal strain-specific flavors using multi-strain blends of live cannabis terpenes as well.

Ensuring every gram is bursting with maximum flavor, potency, and purity.
From day one in the cannabis space it was a top goal of ours to work with HERBL for the distribution of Cosmic Fog. Our core values of safety, quality and progress align perfectly with HERBL and who they are as a company.

- Robert Crossley, Founder & CEO, Cosmic Fog

Cosmic Fog

Cosmic Fog was a pioneer in developing the industry’s standards in Good Manufacturing Practices, ISO compliance, advocacy, FDA regulatory landscapes and lobbying state and federal governments for better industry treatment.