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HERBL Partners with Quell to Distribute Innovative Gummies and Tinctures for Stress Relief

HERBL Updates
HERBL will support Ciencia Labs’ science-backed cannabis brand in reaching wider California audience

Santa Barbara, Calif., April.4, 2022 — HERBL, California’s largest cannabis supply chain company, announced an exclusive distribution partnership with Quell, a science-backed stress reliever from Latina-owned house of brands Ciencia Labs. In this partnership, HERBL will distribute Quell’s calming products which combine CBD, CBG and THC (15:5:1) with natural compounds to promote relaxation. HERBL will distribute Quell throughout California starting on April 4, 2022.

Available as both tinctures and gummies, Quell is a soothing, low dose formulation combining CBD, CBG and THC with naturally occurring compounds that increase dopamine, serotonin and other neurotransmitters to relieve stress and promote wellbeing. It is comprised of a precise blend of cannabinoids and calming ingredients such as L-theanine, GABA, lavender oil, passion flower and chamomile extracts, and is formulated to be non-drowsy and used as needed throughout the day. 

Quell is the first stress-relief focused cannabis brand of its kind, and is the second wellness brand from Ciencia Labs, producers of award-winning sleep aid dreamt. It is also among the first formulated products to contain CBG, a minor cannabinoid which studies have shown can help reduce feelings of stress.

“We are extremely proud to partner with Quell,” said Mike Beaudry, CEO of HERBL. “It is well known that consumers are looking to cannabis to help them stay calm, particularly during times of stress. Until now, there hasn’t been a science-supported product that brings together cannabinoids and other natural active compounds to directly address this widely held health problem. Quell is an excellent addition to our distribution portfolio and will benefit consumers from all walks of life.”

“HERBL has always seen the value that our products bring to customers throughout California,” said Carolina Vazquez Mitchell, MS, creator of Quell and founder and chief scientific officer of Ciencia Labs. “By working with such a trusted distribution partner, we are well-positioned to successfully launch Quell in the industry’s most innovative and dynamic market while setting a new standard for cannabis wellness products.”

Carolina Vazquez Mitchell, MS, is among the industry’s most esteemed scientists and product developers. Originally from Guadalajara, Carolina holds degrees in Pharmacology and Industrial Chemistry, and came to the US to study for her PhD in Chemistry at USC. An entrepreneur at heart, Carolina dropped out of the program to start developing innovative cannabis wellness products for issues relating to sleep, stress and pain through her company Ciencia Labs. Quell, which uses cannabinoids in synergy with other active ingredients, continues her mission of providing targeted, cannabis-based alternatives to widely used pharmaceutical drugs.


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About Quell

Quell is a calming, stress-relieving formulation that combines CBD, CBG and THC with natural compounds that increase dopamine, serotonin and other neurotransmitters that promote relaxation. Quell is the second wellness brand from Ciencia Labs, the makers of award-winning sleep aid dreamt. It uses a precise blend of CBD (15mg per dose), CBG (5mg) and THC (1mg) along with ingredients like L-theanine, GABA, lavender oil, passion flower and chamomile extracts to calm the mind.

To learn more about Quell, visit @quellproducts on Instagram.


Ciencia Labs is a Los Angeles-based house of innovative cannabis brands. Founded and led by Carolina Vazquez Mitchell, MS, Ciencia Labs’s products dreamt (award-winning brand for sleep), LUCHADOR (for fun) and Quell (for stress) can be found at cannabis retailers throughout California.