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HERBL Announces Exclusive Distribution Partnership with Friendly Farms

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HERBL to distribute Friendly Farms' entire line of of cartridges, concentrates, flower, pre-rolls, edibles, tinctures, and topicals.

Santa Barbara, Calif., March. 21, 2022 — HERBL, California’s largest cannabis supply chain company, announced its exclusive distribution partnership with Friendly Farms, one of California’s top cannabis brands. Through this relationship, HERBL will now distribute Friendly Farms’ full line of cartridges, concentrates, flower, pre-rolls, edibles, tinctures, and topicals throughout California on March 21, 2022.

As pioneers of Liquid Live resin, Friendly Farms was the first to put a truly full-spectrum oil into a cartridge in California. With the majority of vapes still containing a distillate base, many consumers find it easy to understand why Friendly Farms is a better option.

Crafted from cannabis cultivated by California’s most renowned farmers, Friendly Farms’ Tru Spectrum™ extracts preserve the native terpene and cannabinoid profiles of premium plants at sub-zero temperatures, ensuring natural flavors, aromas, and effects are retained for your vaping pleasure. They never use additives or cutting agents in their products and believe in the benefits and flavors of each unique cannabis strain which is what Tru Spectrum™ represents. With their signature Tru Spectrum™ extract, they’re able to give their consumers the most natural cannabis experience in a single-step extraction process. 

Friendly Farms is committed to producing the highest quality cannabis extracts and flower while working with California’s best cultivators. “Nothing added, Nothing removed! Because we work with the leading cultivators in the state, we are able to access the best flavors for our oil. This allows us to let the flavor of the flower and the hard work of the farmer shine through without adulterating the oil in order to make it consumable. We deliver on this promise every day,” said Chaz Smith, Co-Founder and COO of Friendly Farms.

“We have never sent a distillate or isolate-based product into the market. Our customers can rely on our Tru Spectrum™ oil, which we use in all of our products, to provide a real strain-specific effect every time they partake. We have been given multiple opportunities to deviate from our core values in order to produce a product that is far easier to scale up and has a larger margin, but we have chosen to stay true to our mission and continue to do what most find hard to do: Make the best extracts from the best material with the best technique. We are just some friends that like weed and know how to extract it the best way possible,” said Darrin Gatto, Co-Founder and CEO of Friendly Farms.

“We’re so excited to partner with this amazing company, not only are they a great brand with great products, but they are also great people who we know align with our goals of business partnership and integrity,” said Mike Beaudry, CEO of HERBL.


HERBL is the leading cannabis supply chain solutions company in the largest cannabis markets in the U.S., serving 1,000+ storefronts across California and Nevada. Founded in 2016, HERBL brings the top cannabis retailers and best-selling brands together through innovative technology, unparalleled service, dedicated sales team, and high-security, state-of-the-art facilities and fleet. HERBL’s team consists of a strong mix of legacy cannabis operators and entrepreneurs, e-commerce software experts, and distribution and retail leaders with extensive experience in large-scale global supply chains. Exclusive brand partners include the #1 selling flower, concentrate, shatter, hard candy, and tea and honey brands. To learn more, visit or follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.

About Friendly Farms

Friendly Farms is a brand centered on the human experience. It’s a brand built on the things that make us laugh, spark joy and make life worth living. Yes, we’re a cannabis company but that’s not what we’re in the business of, we’re in the business of people, We leverage a lifetime of connections in the industry to bottle passion. We find the best cannabis for the people, not the ‘experts.’ Which, believe it or not, is a pretty wild concept in our industry. We’re not a farm so we source from many growers, figuring out who’s making the best cannabis, and then get it to you – the people – at a fair price… Groundbreaking, we know. This allows us to produce a diverse selection. Of customer-led strains that are ahead of the trends and loved by all. For more information visit or