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40 Tons’ Canna Get A Second Chance: Career Fair

Cannabis Culture
HERBL Joins 40 Tons for Their Cannabis Career Fair in Oakland, California on April 16th, 2022

On Saturday, April 16, 2022, HERBL joined 40 Tons as a sponsor of the “Canna Get a Second Chance” Cannabis Career Fair in Oakland, California. 40 Tons is a black female owned social impact Cannabis brand dedicated to bringing more diversity and inclusion of BIPOC communities into the cannabis space while providing second chances to those with past cannabis convictions. 40 Tons has teamed up with Brand Resumes to host career conferences for job seekers and entrepreneurs to push for social justice and equitable hiring to close the gap between restorative justice, diversity, and inclusivity within the cannabis industry. They are committed to connecting candidates directly with the top cannabis employers and educational institutions throughout the industry. 

Because the cannabis sector is currently understaffed and desperately in need of qualified candidates, a large number of cannabis industry careers are up for grabs this year. Whether you’re looking to find an entry-level position as a trimmer or budtender, a management position with a dispensary, or a career working in the agricultural space as a grower, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for at a cannabis career fair. The Canna Get a Second Chance: Cannabis Career Conference is a dynamic cannabis career conference that provides a number of free services to a wide range of job seekers. They are designed to bring all resources together in one place as a “one stop shop” to effectively help attendees get hired. The resources provided by their career conferences are career centers, expungement clinics, workshops, and community engagement. 

40 Tons has created a sense of community by presenting nationwide networking opportunities for prospective job seekers and cannabis companies. Most people impacted by the war on drugs don’t have the resources or the money for the resources to help them get into the places where they are seen as professionals. Canna Get a Second Chance is where candidates can feel comfortable coming into a safe space that offers cannabis scholarships, access to dozens of companies looking to hire, and many other resources such as:

  • FREE Expungement of a past cannabis conviction
  • FREE Headshots for professional online profiles 
  • FREE Resumes and LinkedIn optimization
  • FREE Education breakout sessions
  • FREE Haircuts 

These career fairs are important because there’s nothing that’s been geared toward the diversity and inclusion or the past convicted cannabis community. 40 Tons is the first brand to host events that are focused on and committed to helping those who have been impacted by the war on drugs – specifically cannabis. 

True restorative justice in the cannabis industry means creating opportunities for people with previous non-violent cannabis convictions. Because people of color have been disproportionately affected by drug laws on a massive scale, they have teamed up with other advocacy groups to provide free record expungements. Giving people the opportunity to benefit from a cannabis career is a solid step in the direction of restorative justice. This is why 40 Tons and Brand Resumes are collaborating with companies to transform the industry and change the narrative on how second chances and legacies are viewed. They do this through promoting diverse hiring practices that create inclusive work cultures to bring about social equity

When you attend or sponsor a Cannabis Career Conference with 40 Tons, you are becoming a part of cannabis history. If it’s been difficult to find a job because of a past cannabis conviction, or you’re interested in getting started in the cannabis industry, or just want to expand your cannabis knowledge, their conferences are for you. It is incredible to see the impact we can create when we all come together to make a difference in this community.

40 Tons

Loriel Alegrete, CEO and Co-founder of 40 Tons Brand, has a passion for promoting social justice and diversity within the cannabis industry by building and collaborating with a variety of brands dedicated to social impact. Her husband, Anthony Alegrete, is an accomplished COO and passionate philanthropist with over 17 years of experience managing company operations and building purpose-driven brands from inception to completion. Their vision is to bring more diversity and inclusion to the cannabis community. Right now, less than 4% of African Americans own licenses, and it’s even less of a percentage for female African Americans. 40 Tons wants to break the stigma as well as end the cycle of recidivism by giving people an equal chance for education and opportunity; people who went to jail, had past convictions, or put their lives on the line for cannabis. Nine months ago, Corvain Cooper, a former Drug War POW who now serves as Chief Brand Ambassador at 40 Tons, was in prison for life over a nonviolent cannabis offense but now has an opportunity to help other people find jobs in an industry that has resulted in 40,000 people still being incarcerated.